Frequently asked questions

Common Questions

My extensions are shedding faster than 4-6 weeks, what would cause this?

There are several possible reasons for this, including:

  • Natural lashes that have not been cleaned properly prior to application will have oil, lotion, and makeup residue that can compromise the bonding process. Importantly, wash your lashes with an oil-free makeup remover before application.
  • Your natural oils can compromise the bonding process. Clients with naturally oily skin may experience premature shedding of the extension.
  • Extensions may have been placed on an eyelash that is nearing the end of its 90-life cycle.
  • Clients who do not follow the aftercare instructions (such as exercising, taking a shower, washing their face, etc., too soon within the initial 24-hour period) may experience premature shedding of the lashes. Closely follow the instructions.
Can I use mascara on extensions?

Only mascara approved for extensions should be used. Regular mascara is fine for the lower lashes, however many clients enjoy the appeal of dramatic upper lashes without anything below.

How soon can I apply eye makeup after the extensions?

Ideally, once the lashes have been applied you should allow to them to stay dry for a full 24 hours. You can apply makeup immediately after your appointment, however please ensure the makeup products do not contain oils and refrain from getting your lashes wet (washing off the eye makeup) for that full 24-hour period.

How long should I keep my new eyelashes dry?

Immediately after your lashes are applied, we recommend you keep them dry for a full 24 hours. After this, begin a regimen of gently washing them at least every other day to remove excess oil and residue. These points and more will be covered in your aftercare instructions.

What is the best application method for curly natural eyelashes?

The Last Artist will assess the natural curl of your eyelashes during consultation and do their best to match the curl of the extension to the curl of your natural lash. They will cover as much of the natural lash area with the extension as they can.

Can I still get lashes if I have weak or frail natural lashes?

Weak natural lashes tend to be thinner and shorter than most lashes. As is best for the health of all lashes (regardless of lash condition), we will not apply an extension more than double the length and thickness of the natural lash. In the case of thin, short natural lashes we recommend smaller, thinner extensions that aren’t too heavy for the natural lashes. Frayed or permed lashes may be weak, requiring small, thinner extensions as well.

The healthy condition of your natural lashes can be severely compromised by perming and other treatments. We recommend that you discontinue these types of treatments in order to improve overall health of your natural lashes. As a result, you’ll also see better results with extensions.

The collagen/gel eye patch is irritating my eyes, what do I do?

First, ask your Lash Artist to check the placement of the gel patch, as it may be riding up into your eye. If so, they will remove and trim the patch for a better fit. If this does not remedy the situation, then they will remove the collagen patch immediately and use special sensitive skin tape.

Why am I tearing up after the lash application? Does this initial tearing up weaken the bonding?

Yes, tears will compromise the bond and shorten the lifespan of the extensions. Clients occasionally tear up from the fumes from the adhesive that is not fully dried as well as from sensitivity to lights and the fact of having the eyelashes manipulated, even if gently.

To prevent this we ask clients to keep their eyes closed for the duration of eyelash application until the adhesive and post-extension products have dried completely. If your eyes continue to water after you’ve left your appointment, let us know so we can advise you.

What should be done about gaps in the natural lashes?

For those who aren’t wearing extensions and notice gaps in the natural lashes, these can be effectively addressed with products such as Latisse, Grande Lash, Lilash, and castor oil.

What are Volume and Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

Volume and Mega Volume lashes are styled with the help of handmade, lightweight “fans” of eyelash extensions to create a full and fluffy effect. Mega Volume or “Russian Volume” is also known by other names, including volume styling, volume lashes, American volume and Hollywood volume.

Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

No. If applied correctly eyelash extensions will not ruin your natural lashes. Your lashes cycle out and shed. The cycle of extension application, shedding and getting a fill is very similar to that of getting acrylic nails.

If I have gaps in my lashes can I get extensions?

Yes. Volume may be best because this style can help cover up gaps or sparse lashes. We will double check your history as far as health-related questions and ask if you tend to pick or pull at your lashes and discuss the various style options with you during consultation.

If I’m going through chemotherapy can I get lash extensions?

We do not apply lash extensions to those actively undergoing chemotherapy. If there are no other health risks or contraindications, you may be able to get extensions before starting the process of chemo. After your treatment is complete you can proceed with lash extensions following an assessment of the condition of your natural lashes.

Can I wear contacts while getting lashes done?

Yes, however we recommend if you also wear glasses to please bring these with you to your appointment so we can determine the right length of extensions and avoid having them touch the glasses lenses. If you strictly wear contact lenses you can wear them during your appointment, but be advised that after the process your eyes may feel a bit dry.

I’m losing lashes without my natural lash attached?

There may have been an issue with the bond or, in some cases, too many lashes were applied. We offer a free touch-up within the first 3 days of your appointment for these kinds of situations.

My eyes are crusty and lids are swollen, am I allergic?

This could be a result of an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. Depending on the severity of the reaction you are experiencing, we may recommend having the lashes removed and/or re-applied with sensitive glue or that you avoid lash extensions altogether. If you are concerned about the seriousness of your symptoms, seek an over the counter remedy such as Benadryl or contact your doctor to ensure it isn’t something more serious such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid).

My lashes are falling out and I haven’t gotten them wet, what’s wrong?

After the first 24-48 hours, your lashes need to be gently washed. In fact, we recommend washing them daily. Even if you don’t wear makeup, natural oils and buildup from your skin will cause the eyelash extensions to fall out. It is a myth that eyelash extensions will last longer if you don’t get them wet. Please follow the instructions given to you by your Lash Artist and listed on the After Care Card.

My lashes are singed, what caused this?

Cooking, saunas, smoking, a hot blow dryer and even blowing out a candle can cause lash extensions to singe. Unfortunately singed lashes are most commonly affected along the tops and usually need to be removed because there’s no saving them.

What’s your longest length (because I want your longest)?

At the regular request of our clients, we do offer lash extensions up to 18mm in length. Most lash salons would tell you not to go up to 18mm for the protection of the natural lash, however we live in Vegas where we have showgirls, cocktail waitresses and other industry clients. We leave this to our Lash Artists and what they think based on an assessment of the condition and health of the client’s natural lashes. If applied correctly and taken care of properly we most likely won’t see an issue. Majority of clients opt for a more conservative look, however.

I went to another lash place, can you do my fill?

We would recommend you come in for a consultation or send in pictures so we can get a sense of your lashes and what will be needed. In most cases we end up booking a full set in the event that we can’t work over your extensions. We may also ask you where you went, what style of lashes they are, if they are clusters or not, if you are experiencing issues with fallout, etc. If you are having issues with fallout, then we would automatically book a full set as it is difficult for us to be responsible for someone else’s work.