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Why Sassy Lashes Phoenix?

Sassy Lashes Phoenix is the latest location in an aesthetic empire’s rapid expansion. Sassy Lashes began in Nevada, where it has three beautiful salons, a state-of-the-art eyelash extension training center, and its own high-quality lash extension supply store. Tayler Arteaga has made it her mission to bring the Sassy Lash difference to the Phoenix cosmetological community.

Introducing the Mastermind Behind Sassy Lashes Arizona

At just 21 years old, Tayler is a lash artist prodigy and self-funded entrepreneur.

Tayler has been applying eyelash extensions for two and a half years. She’s worked with Sassy Lashes for one year. In that time, she’s become one of Sassy Lashes Las Vegas’ top-producing lash artists. She’s known for her stunning work and has become a client favorite in the Las Vegas area. Tayler appreciates Sassy Lashes’ outstanding training procedures, superb materials, and dedication to exceptional customer service.

Tayler is so enthusiastic about and inspired by Sassy Lashes that she’s decided to strike out on her own, furthering the Sassy Lashes banner with the support of Sassy Lashes Las Vegas owners, Mike, and Shauna Jones. She will create, open, and run Sassy Lashes Arizona with Salon Manager Dillon, her partner of six years.

What Sets Sassy Lashes Phoenix Apart?

Eyelash extensions are a rapidly growing field of aesthetic artistry in today’s market. People want longer, more luscious lashes than ever. Furthermore, they want to enhance their eyes in the most convenient way possible. Dealing with daily mascara or constantly re-applying false eyelashes are hassles that simply don’t fit into hectic schedules. Thus, eyelash extensions are an ideal option. They last for weeks, can be customized to fit your exact cosmetic concerns, and they’re professionally applied, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your look.

However, all eyelash extensions are not the same, and they require expertise to apply correctly. Nail, hair, spray tan, and other multi-purpose salons often offer this service, but it isn’t their specialty. If you work with an inexperienced, improperly trained “lash artist,” you could end up with poor results, lashes that fall out almost immediately, or even an uncomfortable allergic reaction. That’s why you need an eyelash extension artist who knows exactly how this service works, performs it impeccably and uses the best possible materials to upgrade your lashes. The Sassy Lashes team delivers just that.

As we mentioned above, Sassy Lashes sources its own professional-grade lashes and provides extensive, personalized training for its artists. Sassy Lashes only provides eyelash extensions. We’re committed to developing the utmost expertise in this one vital area of cosmetology, and it shows. Tayler’s Las Vegas clients rave about her and the rest of the Sassy Lashes team’s work. We can’t wait to offer these outstanding results to the Phoenix area

Our Promise

At Sassy, we specialize in one thing: perfect lash artistry. We are happy to accommodate everyone, from parents with young children, to clients with service animals or other specialized needs. Just let our team know what you may need on your visit and we will happily help you any way we can. We are committed to making every visit and every lash exceptional.

Are You Ready to Get Sassy in Phoenix?

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